29 October 2008

Project 1 - Editorial Design

This was our first project a couple of weeks back, the brief was to design 2 double page spreads, a contents page and a front cover for a new magazine. We could use any subject which made the whole thing about five times more difficult. I finally settled on creating an article on Afghanistan. I found some amazing images by a photographer called Simon Norfolk and based the entire project around them.

Magazine Cover
The front cover was fairly rushed, i like the black contents bar at the bottom of the page and the image worked well but the magazine title was just too obscured and didn't really work that well.

Contents Spread
I really liked the contents page, i think that i used the grid quite well.

'Splash Spread'
This spread was the one which i was most proud of, the thin black text which runs across the length of the two pages is a list of all the different people and countries that have attacked or invaded Afghanistan over the centuries.

'Turn Spread'
I was also pretty pleased with my 'turn' spread, i tried to get as many of the photographs in as possible, simply because they were so good. The bar of photographs that stretches across the two pages mimics the line of text on the previous pages.

Overall I was very pleased with my final work, the only thing i regretted was not spending enough time on it. If i had worked solid for the 3 and 1/2 week duration i would have been a lot prouder of my front cover and turn spread although i got a mark of 68/100 so i was still really chuffed.

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Scotty Cross said...

Real nice mate, i think you've done a really good job on this, good choice on the typeface used and brilliant use of negative space, letting the photo's do most of the talking.

Nice work man!