16 December 2008

Project 3 - Event Promotion

The brief for our last project was to design a poster and promotional material for an event which is seen as "uncool" and market it in such a way as to make it "cool" again. There were a few events to pick from, I decided to go for the International Bognor Birdman contest, which is a human powered flight competition, held in Bognor Regis. It's a very similar event to the Red Bull Flugtug, but with much less publicity. Competitors, jump off a pier, some aiming to win the 25 grand prize for flying 100 metres, others just leap off in fancy dress to raise money for charity. I decided to focus on the fancy dress side of the event, aiming my poster at kids and families. To me the event is a family day out, it's held during the summer, at the seaside and looks great fun to watch. I designed my poster with that in mind, making it bright, colourful and full of characters. The poster would be displayed in the local primary schools and similar places. For the promotional materials I designed an activity booklet, again for schools, and a set of flipbooks which featured the same characters as on the poster, in motion as they jumped off the pier. I was quite pleased with my work, especially the flipbooks and thought it would appeal well to a young audience. My vector cartoons weren't the best things in the world but they were alright. The tutors didn't really seem to agree with me though and I got a grade of 45/100. I seem have been on a big downward spiral this term, starting with 68/100, then on to 52/100 and now down to 45/100. Hopefully after a bit of a break at christmas I can pull myself back up again.


Activity Book



Kara Sweenie said...

Victor :O i think this is like really good i dont understand why you only got 45 !! i failedddddd im pure gutted and i dont even understand why!!

Scottee said...

Oh man, 45 is totally out of order. You deserve a much better grade man.

laney said...

this is my favorite project i have ever seen, i would have given u a million% for it.