20 November 2008

Chinese Democracy

They said it would never happen but on monday the new Guns & Roses album 'Chinese Democracy" will be released, and you can listen to the entire thing now on myspace. To be fair its not Gun's & Roses any more its just Axle Rose with a load of session guys, but as much as I miss Slash the new stuff does actually sound half decent. Much better than I thought it would at any rate. It's a bit hit and miss and Axle's voice is a bit of an aquired taste but I quite like it. No doubt the hardcore fans will slate it left right and centre; the title track "Chinese Democracy" is pretty awful but further into the album, when listening to "There was a time" and "Street of Dreams" you can hardly tell that any of the original members aren't there. Yes it's cheesy but GnR have always been cheesy, and to be honest I found myself enjoying it much much more than I wanted to. Definately go and listen to the album for free while you still can, I might even buy it in a few years when its dirt cheap. You still won't get me going to see them live though, it might sound like GnR on the record but it certainly won't look or sound like them on the stage. Good album though.


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Craig said...

A good review V

Sadly im not a fan of G n R :(