18 November 2008

Project 2 - Corporate ID

This was the second project of the year, we were given a celebrity and a company each. We had to take the values of the celebrity and apply them to the company to create a new identity. I ended up with an outdoor pursuits centre based on the personality of Jeremy Clarkson, so i decided to make my company an expensive centre for corporate events with off-roading, quad bikes and similar activities associated with speed and power. We had to produce a logo for our company and then apply these to a letterhead, compliments slip, business card. My final logo was based on the idea of the feeling that you get when travelling at speed.

My compliments slip was kept very simple, which i think worked against me in the crit. I could have done much more with it.

My letterhead was also very simple, the only elements were the logo at the top and a small bar at the bottom of the page with contact details.

The front of my business card was also very simple. The text on the right would be replaced with the name of the card owner.

On the reverse of the business card was a hologram of the secondary logo which I designed with no text.

As well as this we had to design corporate guidlines which are the rules and regulations for the use and placement of the logo. I wanted to produce something special as I felt the company wouldn't spare any expense and the idea of a proper guidlines pack with a CD of master files was something I thought would be really cool. I put a lot of effort into the packaging. Each section of the guidlines was a separate booklet, a set of ten of these booklets were housed in a die-cut box along with a CD of the digital logo files. I used the idea of a hologram again on the front of the packaging, with a contents slide-in insert featuring a holographic logo which was visible through the front of the die-cut box.

1. The Brand

2. The Logo

3. Do's & Don'ts

4. Colour

5. Type

6. Letterhead

7. Compliments Slip

8. Business Card

9. Web

10. Other Uses

I was really proud of my work for this project. The tutors were quite negative in the crit which I was pretty gutted about and I ended up with a grade of 52/100. In the end I think that my letterhead and compliments slip let me down, I could have produced something much more complex. I was pleased with the logo and everything else though and for my first attempt at corporate identity I think I survived pretty well.


Gnome !! said...

omg Big V you sooooo didn't deserve the same grade as me, you've done so much more work than I bothered to!

Lauren King said...

I really like you coporate id stuff Victor :)