12 November 2008

Sleepless Nights

So with 2 nights of no sleep, a lot of yorkshire tea and a little help from R. Kelly I finally managed to get my corporate ID brief finished this morning, with about 4 minutes to spare. In the end I really got into it but it was still a struggle and I can't understand how it all seemed to pile up at the last minute. I wouldnt mind but it's not even as if I was just chilling out for 2 weeks, i was working on it all the time. In the end I ended up working all day monday then through the night, printed a few bits at around 10am on the tuesday then went to bed till around 6pm. Then I worked all tuesday night till the project hand in at 9.30 this morning. I'm really happy with my finished work though, it's not even half-assed, i put so much effort into the last few days. Hopefully I'll do alright in the crit tomorrow. This is the business card which I designed. The company I had to create was an outdoor pursuits centre based on the personality of Jeremy Clarkson. I'll put the rest of the work up soon hopefully.

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