8 November 2008

Corporate I.D

I don't think i've ever worked on something that i've found as difficult as this corporate identity brief, every aspect of it has just been a struggle. It took me forever to name my outdoor pursuits company (adrenaline) and after a real battle to get any logo ideas my tutors hated every single one so i'm back to square one. Essentially i have to do the entire two week project over this weekend, if i can get a logo today then i should be alright, i've spent all morning throwing paint around trying to get some sort of abstract shape that i can work with but so far no luck. Once the logo is sorted i'm hoping i can knock up the rest of the stuff pretty quickly, i need a buisness card, letterhead, compliments slip and corporate guidlines by wednesday morning so it's going to be a hectic weekend. I just wish i could produce something like this amazing buisness card, i don't have a clue how they made it so it doesnt leak or explode, it must be pretty solid plastic or something. I'm sure whoever gets one doesnt throw them away in a hurry though!

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